CAMPLUX, Luxury camp life

CAMPLUX, Luxury camp life

CAMPLUX = Camp Lux

To Show you the best luxury life of camp.

The creation of many brands has their wonderful stories, no doubt, we have too.


Reflections on a Difficult Trip

Reminds me of that hellish camping trip where we went camping with a package containing nothing but clothes, tent, basic groceries and tools like a flashlight. Heating, cooking, and bathing can only be accomplished by burning wood. In the cold and hunger of late autumn, the wait at any time becomes very long. Unfortunately, inaccurate weather forecasts put us in the face of rain, and a wet firewood that couldn't be lit made our outdoor trips even more difficult. Fortunately, it was only a light rain. 

After the time, we were thinking about whether we could extend some home appliances for outdoor use, which is the source of our inspiration.


About the product


It is our desire to make these outdoor appliances fully functional, compact and lightweight. In order to make some parts smaller, we communicated and cooperated with many factories to complete our flagship product AY132

About us

Portability, energy saving and innovation are the three key elements of CAMPLUX outdoor products. CAMPLUX range is constantly expanding so keen an eye out for quality, innovative product. Similarly, if you who read our story have any more suggestions for our products, you can also send us an email, and we will definitely read every email you have suggested for improvement.


At last

CAMPLUX, enjoy outdoor life!