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Camplux was founded in 2015 with a goal to produce the ultimate portable propane-powered gas water heater, capable of withstanding the most extreme environments. As an avid adventurer with a personal goal of summiting all twelve 8,000-meter mountains, I understand the restorative power of a hot shower for cold and weary explorers. Since the sale of our first water heater in Chino, California in 2015, Camplux has become the world's leading brand of portable water heaters, selling products in over 15 countries. By listening to customer feedback and understanding their needs, we have improved and refined our lineup of outdoor heating and cooking equipment, and have now expanded our offerings to include compact, high-efficiency residential hot water solutions.

Enhance Your Adventures


We ensure our products are built to last. Using the best materials available, we strive to create the highest quality water heaters possible.

Buying Direct

Buying direct skips the middle man and makes sure you are getting the best deal possible everytime.

Energy Effiecent

One of the most important things to us is the efficiency of our products. We are one of the most eco-friendly companies in the industry.

Compact Size

Whether it is under a sink or on the outside of your house, our products will fit great. Compact design is a very important aspect we consider.

Innovative Design

Engaging in the constant exploration of cutting-edge technology to facilitate a more comfortable and convenient life for our customers.

Easy Installation

We pride ourselfs on having easy to install water heaters. You could have your product fully set up and working in no time at all.



Fundamental Principles


Embrace the Beauty of Nature while Living Responsibly, Discover Sustainable Outdoor Living.


Unlock the Potential of Community with Our Customer-Centric Integrated Products.


Prioritize Safety without Compromising on Quality with Our Innovative Products!

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