Common Problems with Camplux Water Heaters

Common Problems with Camplux Water Heaters

Now, it’s time to check the common issues you will encounter over time if you have a Camplux portable tankless water heater. 

01. Water Heater Won’t Start

Your Camplux Portable Tankless Water Heater won’t start and you will hear no audible beeps at startups for the following reasons: 

  • Incoming and outgoing water lines get reversed
  • Batteries are not fresh or you don’t install them in the correct position. 
  • Insufficient water pressure
  • Debris or epoxy may enter the water inlet pipe
  • Propane gas cylinders may get contaminated with air

How To Fix:

The first thing you should check is to ensure the incoming water line is in its place. It should be on the right side of your portable tankless water heater. On the other hand, the outgoing water line should be in the middle. 

Second, ensure the batteries you installed are in the correct position and they are fresh. If needed, you should change the old batteries with new ones. 

Not enough water pressure is one of the most common issues that prevent your Camplux portable water heater from igniting or starting. The minimum water pressure should be 3.6 PSI or 25 kPa for operating this water heater optimally. You can contact the local Municipal to supply sufficient water pressure. 

Next, check the water inlet pipe for a clog. If the pipe gets blocked by debris or epoxy, you will fail to start the water heater. Just take your eyes to the filter screen on the water inlet and ensure it’s free of dirt. 

To clean the dirt, reverse the hookup by taking your water source and attach it to the water outlet side. Then, backwash the system to clean the water inlet pipe. 

Sometimes, propane gas cylinders get contaminated by air and it causes your water heater to not start. In this case, cycling the tankless water heater by turning off and on your output flow or similar will fix this issue. 

02. Camplux Water Heater Starts, Then Shuts Off

If you encounter this issue with the portable tankless water heater, these are the culprits to blame: 

  • The unit doesn’t the minimum gallon water and water pressure
  • Low on gas
  • Bent ignition sensors 
  • Thermocouple is either too high or too low
  • Gas sensor wire flange may come loose 
  • The heat sensor gets defective 
  • The valve on the propane tank may partially open

How To Fix: 

A portable tankless water heater needs a minimum of about 0.44 gallons or 1.44 liters per minute and a minimum water pressure of about 2.5 PSI. 

If the unit doesn’t meet the requirement, your water heater will perform intermittently. You should require a sustained water pressure of 35-65 PSI for adequate use. It will be better to call a plumber to solve this issue. 

Secondly, check the propane tank for gas. If it’s empty, fill it with gas. 

Thirdly, inspect one of the ignition sensors and ensure they don’t get bent or too close to the burner. Also, make sure the ignition pins and the heat sensors are vertical and they maintain a 90-degree to the back of the box. If they are not straight, you can use pliers to straighten them up. 

Fourthly, ensure the thermocouple is flush with the hole in the heat exchanger. Otherwise, it will fail to complete the circuit. 

Next, check the gas sensor wires and ensure they don’t come loose. If they come loose, reconnect them. 

Afterward, take a look at the heat sensor and ensure it’s working. You can easily determine whether the heat sensor is functioning properly or not. To diagnose it, take the front case off of the unit and let it run. If it runs continuously one of the sensors or wire harness gets defective. In other words, you need to replace them. 

Finally, verify the valve on the propane tank is fully open. 

03. Water Doesn’t Get Hot Enough 

You never get enough hot water out of your Camplux water heater if you are operating the unit above 6000 feet. Turns out, a cracked gas regulator can prevent the unit from heating the water sufficiently. 

How To Fix: 

This portable tankless water heater from Camplux is specially designed to operate below elevations of  6000 feet. So, never try to use it above 6000 feet. 

Next, inspect the gas regulator for a crack. Look into the viewer panes to ensure there is blue flame. If the flame is yellow, I bet the gas regulator gets cracked. In this case, turn off the unit right off the bat and don’t use the unit unless you replace this part. 

04. Water Is Flowing But No Hot Water Comes Out 

Get no hot water out of the unit when the water is flowing! If this is the problem you are going through, don’t forget to check the water heater for the following culprits: 

  • Fail to hook up the inlet water supply line and the outlet water supply line properly
  • The regulator may not be threaded all the way 
  • Inadequate water pressure 

How To Fix: 

Start with checking that you hook up the inlet and the outlet water supply lines properly. Ensure you attach the water supply to the incoming connection, which is located on the far right. And the shower head should be connected with the outgoing water, located in the middle. 

Next, make sure there is sufficient fuel in the propane bottle and you thread the LP regulator all the way on to the portable tankless water heater.  

And lastly, ensure you get sufficient water pressure of at least 2.5 PSI.

05. Water Heater Does Nothing 

The Camplux water heater unit does nothing due to these reasons: 

  • You may hook up the supply lines improperly
  • There is inadequate gas in the tank
  • Batteries get damaged

How To Fix: 

First off, ensure you hook up the water supply lines correctly. Just connect the water source with the water inlet side and attach the shower handle to the water outlet side. 

Second, fill the gas tank if there is insufficient fuel in the tank. And lastly, check the batteries of your portable tankless water heater and install the new ones if needed. 


Throughout this troubleshooting guide, I discussed the common problems of the Camplux Water Heater. If you encounter one of the issues I mentioned, you can easily solve the problem and operate the heater smoothly.

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