Check out these must-have accessories that make camping with your towable RV easy.

Happy campers in search of flexible RVing often choose towable units such as a toy hauler, fifth wheel, or travel trailer. These towable RVs are perfect for families, couples, solo travelers, and any other RVing need. They hook up to a towing vehicle, such as your truck or SUV, for time on the road. Once you’ve reached your campsite, the towable RV can be disconnected from the towing vehicle which allows for more flexibility when camping.

With towable RVs such as travel trailers, it’s easy to set up the RV campsite and use your towing vehicle for other excursions without bringing the entire rig along. Best yet, new features are helping to make towable units as comfortable as luxury RVs. In fact, many luxury RVs are towable units that feature the latest amenities.

Extra accessories can help make things even more comfortable. Whether you already own a towable RV or you’re in the market for one, our list of must-have travel trailer accessories can help you outfit your RV.


When you’re on the road, some extra accessories can go a long way to help make your drive an easy one. Your hitch is one of your most important RV accessories. There are several hitch connections to choose from when hooking up your travel trailer to your towing vehicle, and some hitches come standard. If you’re looking for a specific type of connection between your RV and the towing vehicle, consider upgrading to more advanced hitches with multi-point connections.

While you’re on the road with your travel trailer, additional accessories can help keep things running at their best. Consider popular towable RV accessories such as:

  • Hitch protectors and locks
  • Tire pressure monitoring system
  • Air pump for tires
  • Flat tire kit
  • Side view mirror extenders for your towing vehicle
  • Towing light kit

Unless you’re RVing with a toy hauler, it’s also a great idea to add a travel trailer bike rack to your RV. There are bike racks that can be professionally installed on the exterior of your travel trailer to safely transport multiple bicycles of all sizes.


Once you’re at the campsite, it’s time to set up your towable RV! While many of today’s newest RVs offer automated camping setup for steps such as leveling, awnings, and interior power, there are some accessories that can also help.

Consider these popular travel trailer accessories for your campsite:

  • Leveling blocks
  • Wheel chocks
  • Travel trailer generator
  • Outdoor games
  • Portable outdoor fire pit
  • Folding chairs and tables
  • Sewer hose kit
  • Water pressure regulator
  • Outdoor decorative lights

Our RV accessories store offers a large selection of camping accessories that make any campground feel like home.


Today’s most popular RV brands are continuing to innovate their designs, with more technological advances in towable and motorized units. Luckily, many of these RV technology solutions can also be purchased to add to your existing rig.

Add the latest tech to your RV with these popular electronic accessories:

  • Side and rear view cameras
  • Dash Cam
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Cell signal and WiFi booster
  • GPS app with road conditions reporting

These gadgets are perfect for bringing more ease to storing, driving, and camping with your towable RV. Remember to protect your RV and all its tech with travel trailer covers when not in use.


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