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CAMPLUX Outdoor Water Pump 12.5LPM Self-Priming High Pressure Camping Pump 40PSI

CAMPLUX Outdoor Water Pump 12.5LPM Self-Priming High Pressure Camping Pump 40PSI

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Soft, noise-absorbing mounts
Corrosion resistant materials
With thermal overload protection
Self-priming up to 6 ft suction lift
Pump able to run dry without damage
Removable port to hose connectors


Volts: 12V
Flow Rate: 17L/min
Max Pressure: 40PSI

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1. Auto-cut-off protection

The auto-cut-off protection will shut off the gas supply immediately if the flame goes out for any reason.

2. Anti-dry combustion protection

Should dry combustion occurs for any reason, the gas supply will be immediately and automatically shut off.
3. Anti-freezing protection When the temperature is below freezing. remove the water discharge valve to discharge accumulated standing water inside the internal pipes. This will keep the appliance from freezing.
4. Over water pressure protection When water pressure is over 1000kPa, the appliance will automatically relieve the excessive pressure to avoid damage to its internal components.
5. Tilt switch protection To prevent appliances from being knocked over or tipped in any direction beyond an angle of 450 from the vertical, all gas to the burners will be shut off automatically.

2-Year Warranty

If you would prefer to pick-up your item, only portable gas hot water heater we provide a pick-up service from our warehouses at PUNCHBOWL.


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