Q: Why should I buy one of your shower systems as what makes yours different?
We are the original designers of the first unit ever certified within Australia. We started designing our unit in 2006 and after years of testing we received our Australian Certification in July 2012. We are the only Company that offers an industry leading 2yr Warranty. Our unit has a Stainless Steel front panel, stainless steel burners and full brass manifold. Many companies insist on using our unit due to it' s durability for the tough Aussie conditions.

Q: How long has the Country Comfort unit been on the market?
The CAMPLUX Portable LPG Water Heater System was the first certified unit back in July 2012.That is why we offer a industry leading, unmatched 2 years warranty.


Q: Can I use the unit on my horse float?

Yes of course within the parameters of our technical quidelines. The water heater can be positioned externally and have the shower inside for personal use and outside for the horsey use. 10% of our sales are to the horse industry