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CAMPLUX Portable LPG Gas Hot Water Heater 45 degree tilt Shower Outdoor Caravan

Auto-cut off protection
The auto-cut-off protection will shut off the gas supply immediately if the flame oes out for any reason
Anti-dry combustion protection
Should dry combustion occur for any reason, the gas supply will be immediately and automatically shut-off
Anti-freezing protection
When the temperature is below freezing, remove the water discharge valve to discharge accumulated standing water inside the internal pipes.
This willkeep he appliance from freezing
Over water pressure protection
When water pressure is over 1000kPa, the appliance will automatically relieve the excessive pressure to avoid damage to its internal components.
Tilt switch protection
To prevent appliance being knocked over or tipped in any direction beyond an angle of 35° from the vertical, all gas to the burners will be shut-off automatically.


Capacity: 620g/HrGas Type: ULPG
Gas Pressure: 2.75kPa
Total Nominal Gas Consumption: 30MJ/H
Injector Size: 0.63mm
Minimum Water Pressure: 15kPa
Maximum Water Pressure: 1000kPa
Maximum Woring Water Pressure: 1300kPa
Product Size: 290 x 515 x 110mm


Hot water system X1
Shower head with on/off switch  X1
1500mm premium shower hose  X1
1500mm gas regulatol  X1
Instruction manual  X1
Mounting accessories X1

6L pump X1